Monday, 11 May 2015

Mrs Fox's Chickens

Mrs Fox's Chicks

This Easter we got week old chicks from my little foxes old school, who take part in the Living Eggs scheme.  The scheme has been running for 10 years and gives schools and nurseries the opportunity to hatch their own eggs, to give children the opportunity to see that special moment when life comes into the world.

The children adore them and have named each one; Astrid, Anoushka, Agatha and Ashleigh.  Last week they moved out of their brooder into their new run in the garden.  Here they are, aren't they grown?  About 10 more weeks and we should be getting eggs.

Mrs Fox's Chickens

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Thursday, 7 May 2015

Crafting a Fairy Party

Ahh, yes, that is lovely woodchip on the wall in the picture above.  My workshop in our new house is last on the decorating list, in fact it is barely unpacked, check out Mrs Fox's Den for the story. 

Mrs Fox's Fairy Teaparty party-box is one of  our best sellers.  On Tuesday, after the lovely relaxing May Bank Holiday, I spent much of the morning putting together a party box for 8 to send out to a client.

I think the little drawstring cloth bags I sew for the party bags, really make the party favours seem special.  But I have to admit my favourite item is not something that we make but the Fairy Wishes Cup-Cake Kit we include.  They make up 24 fairy cakes (geddit!) and, along with the cardboard teapot vase, they make such a sweet little party table display.

Fairy Wishes Cup Cake Kit £9

I also use the ice cream van containing ice cream cups and spoons to decorate the party table and then whip out the oh so useful items inside in time for dessert.

Ice Cream Van - Ice Cream Cups & Spoons £9

Mrs Fox's Fairy Tea-Party Box contains:

Fairy invitations and thank you cards

Balloons x 20 in pink, yellow & purple

Flower bunting, 2 x 3m

Mrs Fox's MYO paper fairy kits

Teapot table centrepiece/vase

Paper cups and plates in pink & yellow and fairy napkins.

Fairy cup cake kit (makes 24)

Mrs Fox’s Fairy Party Bags: cotton drawstring bag with fairy glider, make your own paper fairy kit and felt pens, balloons, sweeties.

10 pink spotty birthday candles

Mrs Fox's will put the whole party box together and mail it straight to your home.  You can purchase the Fairy Tea-Party Box for 8, 16 or 24 children right here.  Or if your number of invitees falls somewhere between these numbers please email us and we can send you a quote for a Fairy Tea-Party Box for the number of children you wish to invite.  Here’s how it works:
  1. Purchase your party box for 8, 16 or 24 children.  Or if your number of invitees is substantially different email us first.
  2. Email us and let us know your child’s name and party details and the number of children you plan to invite.
  3. We’ll send your invitations out within 3 days (but usually sooner) and the rest of your party box can then be sent out very soon after.
Mrs Fox’s can also supply; party game kits, bunting, signage and hand made decorations to add to the fairy fun. Take a look at our blog for ideas, if you have any questions email us,
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Thursday, 23 April 2015

Bye bye little Mouse

Mrs Fox's felted mouse - £8 on

Another of our little felt mice heads out into the big wide world to a new home.  This time a lady is doing her friend's nursery as a surprise for her on Saturday - isn't that sweet!

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Mrs Fox's Crafty Boxes - A Felt Apple Needle Case

how to make a felt apple needle case
Mrs Fox's Felt Apple Needle Case Kit
Apples are on my mind at the moment, there is no two ways about it.  I've spent a lot of time digging holes and planting apple trees in our garden, you'll find more on this little adventure on Mrs Fox's Den.

how to make a felt apple needle case
Needle Case Kit

Last week I ended up digging out the felt apple needle case kit I made last year, dead simple to make and a lovely gift.

how to make a felt apple needle case
Shapes to cut out to make our own felt apple needle case

You will need:

2 Red & 2 white felt squares approx 15cm x 15cm
Smaller scraps of green and brown felt
Red, white and green embroidery silks
needle and scissors

You will need to use blanket stitch and running stitch.
  1. Cut out 2 red apple shapes that take up almost the whole 15cm square.  Then 2 smaller white apple shapes.  
  2. Take the white embroidery silk, threading your needle with two strands.  Centre one of the white apple shapes on one of the red, sew them together in a neat running stitch around the edge. 
  3.  Using a single strand of white sew a blanket stitch around the circumference of the other white apple shape.  Position the brown pips onto this shape and overstitch them into position.
  4.  Lay the second piece of white onto the first, line them up and with a neat running stitch (again in white) sew up the centre of the two pieces.  
  5. how to make a felt apple needle case
    And the back looks like this...
  6. Take your ribbons and secure them with a few stitches to the back of the red apple shape, being careful not to go through the white pieces as well.
  7. Take the second piece of red apple, arrange the stalk and leaf in position slightly overlapping the leaf onto the stalk and sew into place using green thread, making sure you put a couple of stitches through the leaf, stalk and red apple shape to hold them all together in place.  Sew up the centre of the leaf in a running stitch.
  8. Finally, lay the two pieces of red apple together, using2 strands of red thread and starting at the stalk, sewing away from it, sew the two apple pieces together using blanket stitch.  When you get back to the stalk split your silk into a single thickness and blanket stitch up around the stalk. 
And there you have it a simple first sewing project and makes a great little gift for someone who likes to sew.

Mrs Fox's has made this little craft into a kit that contains everything you need to make one felt apple needle case, you can purchase the kit for £6 +p&p through  

how to make a felt apple needle case

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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Crafty Ideas for Easter for the Kids from Happythought
To help with your Easter Hols preparations here's a round up some of Happythought's Easter freebies and printables.

1) Printable bingo game - FREE EASTER BINGO
2) Bunny rabbit mask template - BUNNY MASK
3) Mini top hat templates - DIAMOND HAT TEMPLATE
4) Easter bunny party kit - PARTY PRINTABLES
5) Barnyard gift boxes - GIFT BOX TEMPLATES
6) Printable bunny garland - FREE BUNNY GARLAND
7) Easter pinwheels, bow ties and carrot gift boxes - EASTER PRINTABLES

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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Happy New Year!

Welcome 2015!

We had a lovely Christmas how about you?

And now the festive season is over and the children are back at school Mrs Fox needs to wake up, sort out her messy den and get back to work.

We moved house before Christmas.  To a cottage with an acre garden and much, much work to be done on it.  It has overwhelmed me, I will be honest.  Having started another blog Mrs Fox's Den to write about the renovation of our house and garden it has been so all encompassing that I've written very little, taken none of Mrs Fox's wares to market for months now and Mrs Fox's workshop is not even unpacked!

However, thats the end of that kind of behaviour.  A new year and we are back on track, crafting, partying and having fun.  Christmas Thank You-cards have been made by the little foxes using paint, glue, stamps, string and Christmas wrapping paper I had saved off of their presents.

And while the kids were stamping, sticking, cutting and crafting their thanks, I made gift tags for next year out of more of the recycled Christmas wrapping paper.  So, we are feeling suitably crafty and thrifty.

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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Ladybird Tuesday - The Story of Houses & Homes

Ok it's been a while, but we are back on the case with Ladybird Tuesday linky started on the Being Mrs C blog, take a look at her posts here.  I admit that I am a little obsessed with houses and homes at the moment because we have just moved - oh the stress and strain.  And, as a result I am launching a new blog Mrs Fox's Den for all the inevitable posts about our house and garden and it's renovation.

The Story of Houses and Homes 

Written by Richard Bowood with illustrations by Robert Ayton is a Ladybird Achievements book first published in 1963.

The Story of Houses & Homes

"Man must have a house, for shelter from the weather to provide a safe place to sleep with protection from his enemies and to make a home for his wife and children."

Starting with cavemen and ending with a modernist home in the country this Ladybird book spans the history of houses in the UK.

Vintage Ladybird Books - The Story of House & Home

Ladybird Tuesday - The Story of Houses & Homes

From Norman Castle to Elizabethan half-timber homes, it looks at the history, materials and technology of the British Home:

Ladybird Tuesday - The Story of Houses & Homes

Ladybird Tuesday - The Story of Houses & Homes

However, it presents this history primarily in terms of the architecture with a relatively limited amount of social commentary.

Ladybird Tuesday - The Story of Houses & Homes

There is mention of industrialisation leading to the horror of slum dwellings and this then being cleared to make way for modern council homes.

Ladybird Tuesday - The Story of Houses & Homes

The beginning of our wonderful planning system with The Better Homes Act, which Parliament passed in 1875 giving local authorities the power to insist that every house built had to fulfil basic conditions.

But it is primarily focused on the homes of the wealthy and the changing architectural styles.

It's interesting that the author is clearly subjective in his opinion of these houses and primarily on an architectural level.  He is a bit of a Prince Charles in his opinions, in the thrall of classical architecture, the Queen Anne Home being the high point of architectural beauty in the UK.  He expresses genuine distaste for the Victorian Gothic style and traditional Victorian parlour - one of the few interior illustrations in the book.

Victorian Parlour Ladybird Book - The Story of Houses & Homes

So, with the move to our new home imminent I'm also starting a new strand on the blog; Mrs Fox's Den is a personal story of our move to a little country cottage with an acre of land.

The rest of Mrs Fox's Ladybird Tuesday posts are here and if you have a collection of Ladybird books, please do feel free to join in.
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