Monday, 7 April 2014

Easter Competition - Egg + Soldiers by Ketchup on Everything

Now, don't get me wrong, I love chocolate, but I know that my little foxes will get loads of it for easter from the rest of the family, so, this year I have decided to get them an easter gift, instead of a chocolate egg.  They just don't need any more chocolate.

To be honest, this was the perfect excuse to replace their rather worn table mats with the beautifully illustrated melamine ones from the wonderfully talented Kay Vincent of Ketchup On Everything.  Having come across her designs online we met the ever cheerful Kay at Pulse last year.  

Her animal alphabet designs were the first thing to really catch my eye there and I loved them.  Kay was really friendly and fun and her personality, along with her obvious love of 50's an 60's children's illustrations, comes through in her designs.  She describes the animal alphabet design process on her blog;

"It was a really exciting project as it encouraged me to develop creativity within the restriction imposed by the letters of the alphabet and the requirement that each animal had to be doing something beginning with its letter. I never would have thought of a ‘Valentine Vulture' or a 'Scooting Squirrel' with out this thought process!"

And from these initial designs she now produces; placemats & coasters, tea towels, mugs, greeting cards, screen prints (I bought my daughter a wonderful Unicycling Unicorn) and now personalised name prints too, great for celebrating a new baby or birthday.

We have a super-eggciting competition to win one of Ketchup on Everything's Egg and Soldiers melamine placemats tote and a T-towel.

Just pop a comment at the bottom of this post, tell us what you're up to for easter and in our usual 'old skool' way (no rafflecopter for us) one of the little foxes will pick a name at random next week to receive this wonderful gift in time for easter.


Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Folksy Photo Shoot

We've been quiet for a while on our blog I know.  There has been rather a lot going on in the lives of the Mrs Foxes.  So much, that it has been quite hard to focus on our Mrs Fox's Handmade shop on Folksy.

folksy office sign

So, it was a just the right moment to be asked up to the Folksy HQ in Sheffield to work with the lovely Yeshen Venema to put together new product photos for the shop.

art dolls, vintage fabric, recycled art

needle felted fox

felt mice

mrs foxs craft kit red felt fox

Despite the very early start it really was a fun day.  Great to meet the hard working folks at Folksy, Yeshen was a pleasure, and very patient, the wasabi popcorn a revelation and our fellow crafter Rachel from Bird House Press, who we shared the days shoot with, was sooooo lovely too.  

The Mrs Foxs Bird House Press and Yeshen Venema

After a day in Sheffield I felt really rejuvenated once I got home - although my new yoga routine may also have something to do with that.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Happy First Day of Spring

Springtime egg box flower wreath - instructions to follow

And it's finally starting to feel like it too. xxx

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Feed The Birds - Competition

Our last Crafty Box was wintery in theme and one of the crafts was this decoupage bird feeder.  Simple to make and a great indoor craft to try in this rotten weather.  Not only are you doing the birds a massive favour, but, you can bring a little of the outdoors indoors, if you hang the completed bird feeder in sight of a window so you can watch the dinner table action.

Mrs Fox's Crafty Boxes is a great Kids Craft Box scheme re-launching bi-monthly, ie every other month  in March.  It's a little crafting club for children run by us two crafty Mrs Fox's.  Our crafty little fox subscribers range in age from 3 to 9 and we think that many of the crafts can be enjoyed by older children too.  

We send, direct to your door, enough craft materials, instructions and ideas for 2 to 3 children to do 3 - 6 crafts based on a theme.  Each box is £15 +p&p (£4.95).  You can buy a 3 box subscription for £59.85 and this will cover half the year.

For a chance to win one of Mrs Fox's bird feeder kits, (containing everything you need to make the decoupage bird feeder above) pop over to Mrs Fox's Handmade on Folksy to get the answer to this, simple question; 

How many types of craft kits are for sale on our Folksy page?  
Message us on our Facebook Page with the correct number, (why not LIKE our page while you're there).

We'll put all the correct answers in a hat.  Yes, really, a hat, we're old skool, and one of our little foxes will pull the winner out on Thursday 27th February.

There are 3 bird feeder kits up for grabs and this competition is open to UK residents only, please.

Well done to Jo, Kayleigh and Erica - Mrs Fox's bird feeder kits are on their way to you.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Darling, Won't you join me for one...

I took a quick picture of my latest doll today sitting on the counter in the kitchen, only now have I noticed the sloe gin bottle in the background, making her look like an escapee from prohibition.  Still it suits The Great Gatsby styling I guess.

Our Jumble and Pearls special edition art doll is £45 and her little needle felted dog is £25, the two together can be purchased for £60 +p&p (UK-£4.50).  Email if you would like her to join you for a sloe gin!

Monday, 10 February 2014

A Circus Party

The brief for this party was:
"Bianca likes animals in general... While Bianca is also absolutely CRAZY about ballerinas right now, I'm afraid a ballerina theme might not play well to the boys at the party... I'm also thinking of hiring someone to play music, since I saw someone who hired a Caribbean drummer for her daughter's party and the kids loved it. Bianca loves to dance."
And with that we created Mrs Fox's Circus Party.  We designed 8 characters, each invitation displayed a different character and these were then used in a treasure hunt game.

We created a craft for the children to make a cardboard peg leg circus horse at the party:

We provided co-ordinating cup-cake kits, balloons, paper straws, bunting and finally party bags with craft kits to make two more of our circus characters;

This party is available to purchase via Mrs Fox's Party Boxes, just drop us an email for details;  We work with a professional printer and can send the personalised invitations and thank you cards along with party bags to your door.  Or we can provide personalised printables emailed directly to you.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Snoopers Paradise.

Jumble and Pearls is getting closer so we thought we'd expose some of the traders!

We've not been before but the idea of this fayre makes me think of my all time favourite shop, Snoopers Paradise in Brighton, and to days before I had the responsibility of 3 little people, ergo; the ability to wander around shops in a carefree manner without constantly panicking every time a small child disappeared from my view.
The shop is huge and you can find hundreds (and thousands) of things you'd not find anywhere else.  Old and older toys, jewellery, furniture, clothes, bags, cutlery, crockery, paintings, embroideries, records, beautiful old ashtrays, you name it.  It is my favourite shop ever and eckers, I can't have been there for about 8 years… dreadful!  (Must remedy that this year.)

Jumble and Pearls may not be as large or dusty but it will certainly be just as eclectic and we can't wait to snoop around.

So what has got us so excited?  Have a look…

Eleni Edipidi & Levantes Dance Theatre - wonderful flowery jewellery and a selection of colourful and sparkly garments inspired by previous theatre productions.

Maiden Found Millinery & Crafts - affordable bespoke head wear pieces, and crafts perfect for gifts, all made using traditional methods and vintage materials.

Brake Bikes is a distinctive brand of unique single speed bikes.  Limited to 100 bikes in the three specific colour combinations, influencing fans of street art.

Isabella Salamone, Surface Textile designer, a vintage fabric collector and a maker.  She has recently started creating unique and very limited ranges of products by recycling original vintage fabric.  From stationery to fashion accessories and home decor objects, expect colourful bright pattern!

Hannah Knight will be selling her hand selected vintage pieces in fabrics sourced from Paris, Milan and and London as well as designer pieces including Burberry, Max Mars and Valentino.
Philip Ignatious Salacious Stein, London's premier underground art dealer will be selling some of his private collection.
These are just a few of the inspiring purveyors that will be there selling their wares.  Most will be bringing unique items which are limited, vintage or handmade and one off's.  
The Jumble & Pearls event is a chance to find something you just have to have and that you will really be hard pushed to find anything like, anywhere else. 
Upstairs there is free wifi, table tennis, a bar and an all day restaurant, this will be a perfect day out… if you're in or near London, why ever would you not make it a date?

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